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3 Quick Outreach Wins: A Leader’s Guide

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Outreach Manager Reporting Quick Start Guide

Take control of your team’s performance with our Reporting Guide. This resource is designed to streamline the monitoring process, helping you to effortlessly locate, analyze, and act upon the most crucial data in your Outreach reports.


Sequence Deprecation and Archiving Guide

Navigating the ever-evolving landscape of sequence management can be a daunting task. That’s where our Sequence Deprecation and Archiving Guide steps in, providing you with a structured pathway to efficiently manage your sequences without the usual hassle.


Optimizing Content Strategy with

Discover the ultimate guide to content strategy with Learn to leverage sequences, templates, and snippets to optimize your outreach campaigns. With tips on setting up profiles and permissions, naming conventions, and creating effective blueprints, this guide is your roadmap to a streamlined workflow and successful engagements using Explore the powerful features and transform your strategy now.

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Carina Anderson, Head of Strategic Partnerships & Optimization @ Naked Wines

"Xebra helped us get things set up fast than expected! Whenever we have a question about Outreach we think of Xebra."
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