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Even in early 2015 at Outreach, hard at work manning support queues, giving demos, and creating as much product-market fit as we could, we knew we were part of something that would revolutionize the way businesses sell.


We witnessed its transformative impact on the sales programs of some of the biggest names in tech, telecommunications, healthcare, and more. And we intimately understood the immense potential for driving revenue growth.


It was the promise of automated sales campaigns (we called them Sequences) that had sales and marketing leaders' attention.


But it was Sales Reps in free trials who drove the adoption we needed to win in the C-Suite. They were big winners in the creation of the "Sales Engagement" category.


It was Ops, however, that took on the monumental task of launching and managing Outreach. In that market, and this one, Ops is already busy and there are only so many hours in the day, so management largely falls by the wayside until goals aren't met.


That's why we started Xebra, to help businesses unlock Outreach's full potential so your teams can spend more time driving revenue vs performing admin tasks.​


Jacob Turner

Founder & CEO

Girl Dad and Grill Master. Founder of Xebra, #2 employee @ Outreach. Let's cook up some lasting connections. 🤗

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David Lewis

David Lewis

Partner, Director of Sales & CS

Employee #1 at Outreach and previously Director of Presales at LeanData. Visual artist, proud Dad, and mediocre but enthusiastic bowler. 

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