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Case Study: Webflow sets 96% more meetings in 6 months using Outreach

A Case Study for Platform Management

Table of Contents

  1. Executive Summary

  2. The Challenge

  3. The Solution

  4. The Results

  5. Testimonials

  6. Moving Forward

  7. The Bottom Line

Webflow case study image

Executive Summary

Webflow, a leader in SaaS web development, sought to refine its Business Development Representative (BDR) outreach initiatives. Recognizing inconsistencies and inefficiencies in their Outreach deployment, Webflow was keen to equip its sales team with streamlined processes and a solid foundation for success.

The Challenge

Webflow’s Outreach program faced three main challenges:

  1. Inbound Sequences were inconsistent, lacked personalization, and didn’t engage leads effectively.

  2. Outbound initiatives were fragmented due to an excess of creative freedom without a clear structure.

  3. The overall system was cluttered, and efficient practices weren’t sustained.

The Solution

Xebra approached the challenge with three key recommended initiatives:

  1. Streamline Operations: Conduct comprehensive Outreach diagnostics to regularly identify gaps and implement standardizations, while optimizing for Salesforce sync.

  2. Enablement & Training: Ongoing tailored training, enabling Webflow to realize the full potential of Outreach and integrate best practices.

  3. Enhance Content & Response Outcomes: Approach content creation with key features and data-driven insights, empowering Webflow's BDRs with impactful Outreach content.

Outreach Results

Webflow achieved tangible improvements in BDR metrics within just a few months:

Feb to March

  • Positive Email Sentiment: 31.7%

  • Meetings Set: 23


  • Positive Email Sentiment: 47.2% (⬆️ 48%)

  • Meetings Set: 45 (⬆️ 96%)

The quality of email interactions improved significantly and positive sentiment surged, leading to a considerable uptick in meetings set, which was the key performance indicator for the BDR teams.


Webflow’s leadership acknowledged the monumental impact of their partnership with Xebra.

Quinn Fulk, Head of Sales Development: “The partnership with Xebra is a big driver for helping us improve our Outreach instance over time."

Aubrey Morgan, Director of Enterprise Marketing: "Working with Xebra has been so impactful to our team. No question is too big or too small for them to answer."

Moving Forward

Xebra continues to work closely with Webflow through Platform Management, our managed services offering for Outreach, ensuring the ongoing refinement of best practices and proactive system optimization.

The Bottom Line

When sales efficiency is the differentiator, a strategic partnership with Xebra Consulting propels your Outreach initiatives to new heights and equips your sales team with the tools, insights, and structure they need to excel in today’s complicated market.

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