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Train Your Team

Turn your users into experts 👨‍💻

End User & Manager Training

Train your everyday users to leverage the platform with ease based on their role and function. Boost adoption and success metrics through enablement.


Admin Bootcamp

Turn your Ops team into Outreach Experts overnight with Admin Bootcamp training. Become familiar with all the settings you need to operationalize success.


Content Strategy & Execution

From Content Committees to content strategy and creation. Learn how to easily create compelling content for sequences and manage it at scale.

Training Outreach Users

Train Your Team

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Outreach Training

Training Wherever You Are

WFH or back at the office, we've got you covered with tailored live training options to ensure all your reps are enabled for success.

Anne Marie Cernera, Director of Revenue Operations @ AbsenceSoft

"As an Outreach Admin, we are in a significantly better place after working with Xebra, both in our understanding of the backend and in user adoption."
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