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Get to Know Erik Ixtlahuaca -Xebra & Outreach Consultant

"Hi, my name is Erik Ixtlahuaca I am a graduate of Georgia State University. I have lived in the state of Georgia for the last 30 years and have enjoyed creating memorable end-to-end experiences in every service I’ve provided in each of my professions. From selling software to onboarding new systems users, I take pride in making sure every customer's needs are met and seamlessly delivered.

I’ve worked in corporate sales as a Business Development Representative and team lead. As a BDR, I relied heavily on setting meetings through email and cold calling. Coming from managing Excel sheets and mail merging in Microsoft Word/Outlook, Outreach helped me ensure none of my prospects slipped through the cracks. My days of jumping from system to system were done and the amount of time prospecting to land a meeting significantly decreased. It was with this fire and my passion for building repeatable result-oriented processes that led me to transition to Sales Operations and leading content standardization and outreach optimization projects. I became the administrator of the Outreach platform and found myself creating internal enablement documentation for Outreach users and future administrators.

As I tell all Outreach users, the Outreach University and support Portal have been invaluable to me as a user and admin and I hope to be able to help provide the same standard of excellence in my new role as an Outreach Consultant. Thank you to my Xebra pack for welcoming me and supporting me in this new venture.



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