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Mastering the Adoption: The Will/Skill Matrix

Welcome to the realm of the skill matrix – your ultimate compass for deciphering the dynamic talents within your sales team. Prepare to identify the sales champions, empower the contenders, and amplify everyone's potential in between. This quadrant-driven playbook offers an all-encompassing view of your team's prowess and untapped capabilities. Let's dive into each quadrant to reveal the distinctive profiles that will shape your sales powerhouse:

  1. High Will, Low Skill: The Trailblazing Initiators In this quadrant, you'll find the go-getters who eagerly dive into actions like adding prospects to sequences and staying on task. Yet, their conversion rates and booked meetings are lagging. The mission here? To ignite their skills. Tailored training sessions and interactive coaching will be the jet fuel that catapults their performance.

  2. High Will, High Skill: The Sales Superstars Behold the quadrant of the crème de la crème, where high skills and unrelenting determination converge. These are your sales dynamos, consistently delivering exceptional results. Your goal? Sustain their stellar momentum. Delegate tasks and unleash their prowess as mentors, igniting a ripple effect of excellence across the team.

  3. Low Will, Low Skill: The Untapped Potential Here reside the gems that need a spark to shine. Their skills and motivation might currently be on the low side, hindering task execution and dragging conversion rates. But fear not, transformation is within reach. Pinpointed training and motivational interventions will fan the flames of their potential and set them on the path to sales glory.

  4. Low Will, High Skill: The Diamond in the Rough This quadrant houses the secret weapons of high skills, but with motivation levels needing a boost. They excel in converting leads and sealing deals, yet they underutilize the tools at their disposal. It's time to unlock their vault of potential. Present them with captivating challenges, like content creation, to reignite their fire and channel their exceptional skills.

In each quadrant, a treasure trove of strategies awaits to enhance your team's sales prowess:

  • For the high will, low skill group, nurture growth through focused training and one-on-one coaching.

  • Harness the power of the high will, high skill individuals by enlisting them as mentors, elevating the entire team's performance.

  • Guide the low will, low skill segment with customized training and motivational interventions that transform potential into performance.

  • Ignite the spark in the low will, high skill contributors by offering them exciting projects that align with their strengths.

Remember, the skill matrix is your compass to navigate the seas of sales excellence. By tailoring your approach to each quadrant's unique needs, you'll forge a high-performing, harmonious sales force that propels your organization toward unprecedented success.


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