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Meet David Lewis - Partner and Director of Sales & CS

My journey in enterprise SaaS started in 2011 when I watched The Social Network for the first time and decided I would quit my job valeting luxury cars at the W Hotel and slanging Comcast door-to-door (anyone remember bundling your cable internet with a landline phone?) and move to San Francisco to become rich.

Justin Timberlake’s words playing in my tiny apartment, “A million dollars isn’t cool. You know what’s cool? A billion dollars”.

I had caught the startup bug, and boy, was I hooked.

The scene at the time was booming with opportunity, but it took some time hustling at various startups to figure out that I needed more than a dream of a billion dollars to find a career in tech, especially without a college degree or any discernible technology skills. Over time, my quest for riches waned, and I focused on simply getting my foot in the door.

Cue the moment everything changed. It was December 2014, a new company called hired me to help manage their support queue. I was employee #5 working alongside the 4 co-founders spending many late nights in a tiny, bright green studio in downtown Fremont, eating Indian food and drinking way too much Bulleit whiskey.

I was determined to make an impact and I eventually settled in as the top presales rep for Outreach’s first strategic customers. Being such an early employee and experiencing hyper-growth was something special. Witnessing the company hit $10 million ARR in 2016 was like riding a rollercoaster – pure adrenaline! The trip to Cabo wasn’t bad either.

Soon after I joined, Jacob Turner was hired for the same role. We were like two peas in a pod, from support to presales, setting a high bar and having fun while doing it.

Life took us on separate paths for a while as I led the presales team at LeanData and Jacob started this very consulting firm. But fate brought us back together again. And now, we're teaming up to bring a special kind of value to the Outreach customers we know and hold dear.

As the Director of Sales and Client Success, my mission is simple – help Outreach clients unlock more value and drive greater revenue for their businesses.

But that’s not all, we’ve got big dreams here at Xebra. We're taking our knack for providing tangible results and scaling it across a community of Outreach experts, where consultants and customers can come together to tackle challenges and achieve their goals.

So stick with us. The journey ahead is going to be nothing short of epic! 🚀


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