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Meet Jacob, Founder & CEO at Xebra Consulting

Working in my family’s barbecue restaurant, I learned about lagniappe: giving a little unexpected extra something to your customers.

You may not see the connection between BBQ and ROI (not yet, at least). But long before I was building high-performing sales campaigns, I was learning about authentic connections through southern cooking.

Since then, I’ve been obsessed with the customer journey, humanizing the sales process, and providing the customer with a little extra.

In a recent webinar poll, the audience responded that the biggest obstacle to creating new sales campaigns is a lack of confidence in strategy. This makes sense, as outbound marketing is increasingly becoming more difficult.

It takes twice as many attempts to connect with a prospect as it did 10 years ago… maybe even 10 months ago. From tech innovations to policy and privacy evolution, the environment itself is creating more obstacles to truly connecting with your perfect prospect.

I aim to help companies better connect with their prospects for long-lasting relationships.

Why I created Xebra and still love working here:

  • Xebra is a good fit for my work style because I like to work with small and intimate teams.

  • I also like the nimble nature of a startup. Moving fast, breaking things, and taking risks with folks who want to be creative and enthusiastic.

My favorite hobbies and activities to do when I am not working at Xebra:

  • Dancing

  • Making music

  • Cooking

  • Outrigger Canoe racing

  • Parenting

A not-so-secret passion of mine is:

  • Creating safe spaces for kids to thrive

Here is a fun fact about myself:

  • My favorite birthday gift was a 10-day silent meditation retreat.


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